28 Feb 2020

Coronovirus Impact on Border Crossing Points

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a series of statements alerting the transport industry about increasing coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. It was announced that firms that carried transportation to Italy, Iraq, and Georgia, especially Iran, should be careful and some areas were banned. The most serious measures include transporters from Iran.


It is recommended that citizens traveling to Iraq should not travel to regions with coronavirus cases, and those who will go to these regions in compulsory situations should pay maximum attention to the World Health Organization’s explanations and warnings.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs repeated the warnings regarding Iraq for Italy. It is recommended that you should not go to the areas where the disease is frequently seen and in necessary cases maximum measures should be taken.


There are lighter measures in Georgia. According to the information given by Kaçkar Customs and Foreign Trade Regional Directorate; Passport holders traveling to South Korea, China, Italy, Iran in the past 21 days will not be admitted to Georgia in any way to enter or exit.


Due to the increase in coronovirus cases, many neighboring countries closed their border gates with Iran. Among the countries that closed their borders are; Iraq, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. As vehicles coming from Iran also cargos and passengers are not taken to Turkey. Turkish vehicles waiting on the Iranian side were quarantined for 14 days and started entering the country. Border gates with Iran are allowed to be used for transit shipments.