Transport of Liquid Chemicals Istanbul Turkey

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Liquid Chemical Transportation Istanbul Turkey

As TET Global Logistics, we provide personal care, cleaning, medicine, organic chemistry, paint, food, agriculture and construction etc. with a quality, safe and environmentally friendly service approach. We provide the circulation of different types of liquid chemicals between all points in Turkey and Europe. We carry out our liquid chemical transportation activities within the framework of the European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Land (ADR) in accordance with the sustainable safety and quality standards of SQAS determined by the European Chemical Industry Council.

With our wide fleet of more than 300 vehicles, with an average daily capacity of 10,000 tons of liquid chemicals, we offer transportation between Turkey and Europe, and between all points in the world in container transportation.

We provide intermodal logistics for the products we carry, from the filling point to the discharge point, with our L4BH type land tankers, Eurotainer branded containers, tow trucks and light equipment, all made of 316 L quality stainless steel chrome, with temperature control and ADR certification. We accompany you every step of the way.

Our insulated land tankers with compressor and pump equipment consist of three to five compartments and can transport six different chemicals at once. The tankers are geared, lobed and electric and have a loading capacity of 15,000 tons to 25,000 tons. Tank containers, on the other hand, offer the possibility of loading between 20,000 – 33,500 liters. Land tankers and containers serve in accordance with SQAS standards.

We offer our customers the opportunity to monitor the entire logistics process with our vehicles, all equipped with mobile communication systems. We carry out our work in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Management System criteria of the British Standards Institute in the management of occupational health and safety, with our expert team and experienced drivers who have SRC 5 Dangerous Goods Transport Driver’s License, which we support with in-house trainings.

Hazardous Liquids Tranportation Istanbul Turkey

Liquid Bulk Transportation Istanbul Turkey

In our logistics activities carried out within the framework of SQAS standards, we provide comprehensive protection for the chemicals we carry against all possible damages and losses. In addition to the motor insurance against financial losses caused by traffic and theft, we make Excess Loss Agreement, which increases the discretionary financial liability of the automobile insurance. In addition, we aim to compensate for possible damages and losses that may occur in the transported product with the Transport Insurance.

Our liquid chemical transportation works are carried out by T.C. We operate within the framework of the laws determined by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, ADR Dangerous Goods Transport Legislation and in accordance with SQAS standards. By using EURO5 and EURO6 engine technology in our vehicles, we contribute to environmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources for a healthy future.

Bulk Chemical Transportation Istanbul Turkey

The European Treaty (ADR), which was put into effect in 1968 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, includes technical regulations such as packaging and marking of dangerous chemicals transported by land, the definition of the materials to be used in the construction of vehicles carrying dangerous goods and the scope of operation of the vehicles. The agreement aims to ensure the transportation of dangerous chemical substances while protecting the environmental health and safety. In this respect, it is important for companies that transport dangerous goods to carry out their operations in accordance with ADR rules.

SQAS is a program that determines the performance, quality, safety, health, environmental and corporate social responsibility standards of companies that provide road transport, intermediary and intermodal transport services. With SQAS, the European Chemical Industry Council regularly audits logistics companies and aims to maintain the service quality of the industry. In this respect, SQAS is recognized as an important evaluation program in the chemical logistics industry.