21 Feb 2020

Bulgaria Switches to E-TOLL System

Bulgaria is starting to implement the electronic toll system (E-TOLL) as of March 1, 2020. Buses and trucks with a maximum weight of more than 3.5 tons will now pay a fee based on the distance they have traveled. You can pay the fee required to use the national highways via GNSS-based device, GPS device or route map method. Truck owners who do not have built-in devices or GPS devices in their vehicles can use the toll road network after purchasing the route map.

Transporters who prefer to use the route map method should specify the start and end points of the road they will use as well as a maximum of 4 intermediate locations. For this method, the issues that the carriers must specify are; the vehicle’s maximum load, emission class, number of axles and registration number.

After entering all these data, you will be informed about the fee to be paid. It is very important to follow the route map throughout the journey. It is stated that the route map can be activated up to 24 hours before the user is registered in the system and up to seven days if registered with an e-mail address.

You can obtain the route maps from the sales points mentioned below.

– From the Regional Road Directorates by cash payment, card payment including fuel card,
– From the self-service payment terminals on the list, via card payment including fuel card,
– Electronically at www.bgtoll.bg or via the mobile app.

You can use www.trots.bgtoll.bg/ to calculate the cost of road travel. Drivers or companies can apply to the National E-TOLL System Management Information Center when they face any problems or by calling 0700 10 876 for more detailed information.