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Tanker Storage Istanbul Turkey

Classification of the containers by considering the properties of the chemical substances they contain is important in terms of providing safe storage services. If chemicals are not classified in accordance with the specified standards, they may react dangerously and cause fire and explosion. As TET Global Logistics, we ensure the safe storage of chemicals by performing the classification process in line with the information in the Material Safety Data Sheets.

The report prepared by the US Chemical Safety Board reveals that 46% of chemical accidents occur as a result of improper storage. Material Safety Data Sheets prepared within the scope of the “Regulation on the Preparation and Distribution of Safety Data Sheets for Dangerous Substances and Preparations” contain the content of chemical substances, their components, toxicological, ecological, transportation information, the introduction of hazards, etc. It contains detailed information about the structure of matter. Analyzing this information and classifying the containers carrying chemicals appropriately is the most important part of the container storage process.

Within the scope of ADR* Dangerous Goods Transport Legislation, inspection of the hull and equipment elements of the tanks is required before and after they are put into service, every 2.5 or 5 years. In addition to complying with the storage standards determined within the framework of the law, we optionally subject the containers carrying dangerous goods to 2.5 and 5-year tests. In addition, we provide equipment control, replacement and repair services within the scope of container storage service, and we provide the conditions necessary for the safe storage of containers for a long time.

* The European Treaty (ADR), which was put into effect in 1968 by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, includes technical regulations such as packaging and marking of dangerous chemicals transported by land, the definition of the materials to be used in the construction of vehicles carrying dangerous goods and the scope of operation of the vehicles. The agreement aims to ensure the transportation of dangerous chemical substances while protecting the environmental health and safety. In this respect, it is important for companies that transport dangerous goods to carry out their operations in accordance with ADR rules.

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