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Tank Container Agency Istanbul Turkey

As TET Global Logistics, we provide safe circulation of dangerous and non-dangerous liquid chemicals in the global network, with 10.000-ton transportation capacity per day. We conduct our logistical operations that we run across Turkey and Europe, in every point of the world in tank container transport, as part of Bulkhaul agency. 

Bulkhaul Istanbul Turkey

Bulkhaul is a tank container leasing firm that offers services across the world. Bulkhaul, which runs its operations overseas with over 20.000 tanks, accommodates tank containers with loading capacity between 14.000 and 35.000 litres, and one-, two- and three-partitioned tank containers in its product segment. Containers, which are designed and built by Bulkhaul, and equipped with stream- and electricity-operated heat systems, are able to minimize the reheat time after each voyage. 

Bulkhaul, which has ISO 9001 certification, delivers tanker maintenance-repair-cleaning services in addition to supplying tank containers to logistics firms that operate in the global network. Running its operations in accordance with SQAS sustainable safety and quality standards, regulations of Chemical Distribution Council and Authorized Economy Operator of European Commission’s Taxation and Clearance Council and Chemical Distribution Council, the firm also holds ISO 14001 Environment Certificate.

We have been conducting tank container transportation operations, serving as Bulkhaul’s Turkish agent since 2013.