31 Oct 2020

Curfews in Italy, Spain and Portugal

Curfews started at different times in 3 countries. Although the scope of curfews is different from each other, transportation companies will be exempted from these restrictions due to their commercial activities.

In order not to be affected by the curfew in the countries, you should have different documents with you. You can learn which documents you need to have with you according to the countries in the rest of our article.

-In order to be exempt from the curfew when you leave your vehicle in Spain, you need to have the “Certificate for international transport worker” document with you.

-In order to be exempt from the curfew while in Italy, you need to have both the EU International Driver document and a document in Italian language with you. In addition, drivers are required to send an email to the nearest ASL Office (Public Health Office) containing the driver information to the point where they enter Italy.

-We remind you that all drivers who will transport in Portugal must submit a document by their employer showing that they are performing their professional activities. These documents must be filled in Portuguese.