31 Mar 2020

Ro-Ro Trial Campaigns Between Turkey and Romania

Karasu – Constanta Ro-Ro trial shipments which have been planned for a while will start on Thursday, April 2 2020 at 03:00. The deadline for accepting documents for these trial runs is Wednesday April 01 2020, 21:00.

You can use the address of booking.tr@sealines.com.tr to contact Sea Lines Firm to make a reservation and to receive information.

Detailed information about the Ro-Ro Trial Expedition will be held between Romania and Turkey are as follows;

1-) During these trial runs, only trailer units will be accepted.

2-) Our trailer one way freight will be 450 EURO.

3-) A terminal charge of 25 Euro (per unit) must be added to our freight.

4-) Karasu loading costs and Constanta discharge costs are included in the above mentioned figures.

5-) Estimated transit time is planned as 12 hours.

6-) Maximum 80 units are accepted to our ship for the trial Ro-Ro voyage.

7-) Maximum 10 vehicles will be accepted in transit for this time. (out of a total of 80 vehicles)

😎 For this time, no unit will be accepted in Constanta – Karasu expedition and our ship will leave Constanta without any load.

9-) If our trial is successful, it is planned to start regular and reciprocal Karasu – Constanta expeditions as soon as possible.