30 April 2020

New Traffic Rules and Fines in Germany

Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer announced that new traffic rules and traffic fines came into force on April 28. Even minor traffic violations now have significant fines. German Transport Minister said that by increasing the amount of traffic fines, they will make traffic safer and protect the environment better. You can find the penalties for some traffic rules from the rest of our article.

Vehicles parked in an area where parking is forbidden were previously fined 15 Euros. After the new rules, the lower limit of this penalty will start at 25 Euros. If the area with the parking ban belongs to the fire department, the penalty for this action will be up to 55 Euros. Vehicle drivers who exceed 16 km above the determined speed limits will be fined a penalty point and 70 Euros. The penalty for those who violate the speed limit by exceeding 21 kilometers or more will vary between 80 and 680 Euros, depending on the speed.

In the old arrangement, there were differences in sanctions applied to cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This old law regulation was abolished.

Trucks weighing 3.5 tonnes or more have to make their right turn at walking speed while waiting for pedestrian traffic and bicycles, and they must make a warning announcement in these turns. Warnings were also made to ensure that two-wheeled vehicles never stand on the right side of the trucks at the traffic lights.

You can find the official announcement text from here.