25 May 2022

Customs Regulation Has Been Changed

Customs Regulation (Article 94): Final Exit Procedures
The title of the item, which has definite exit transactions, has been changed to Exit Transactions; In addition, by referring to the 130th article of the regulation, the limits to whom the goods can be delivered are specified.

Customs Regulation (Article 130): Delivery of Goods
The delivery of the goods whose customs procedures have been completed in the temporary storage areas will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the contract between the owner of the goods, the carrier, the operator organization or their representatives.

Customs Regulation (Article 588): Objection to Analysis and Second Analysis
The fees for the analyzes performed in the Customs Laboratories were increased by 35 percent on average. The ceiling fee, which was 650 TL per sample for the second analysis, was increased to 885 TL.

Customs Regulation (Article 330): Goods that can be put in the Warehouse
Warehouse declaration can be submitted for “goods whose seller or sender and recipient abroad are known” by the freight forwarders who are the notification party in the transport document. Transport organizers are also authorized as Users to dispatch the goods.