22 June 2020

Important Announcement Regarding Driver Candidates Over 65

After the new arrangement made due to the lack of drivers in the transportation sector, drivers who are over 65 and have certain criteria will be able to get back to work. The transportation department, which is one of the most important links in the supply chain, is among the sectors that suffered the most from the coronavirus outbreak. With these arrangements, it is aimed to rapidly restore the transportation sector.

Drivers over 65 years old will be allowed to work actively again. Drivers who want to apply for these jobs should pay attention to the following important points.

A legit photocopy of the driver’s visa is required. It is recommended that the copy be colored.

The date of receipt of the medical report to be used by the driver must not exceed 30 days.

A copy of the psychotechnical report is compulsory to apply.

In the report, the sentence “There is no obstacle for performing the chauffeur profession” should be included.

Transportation companies can apply for more than one driver. On behalf of the drivers who have reached the age of 65, they can apply for the procedures to be carried out in the Ministry by applying the same process followed in other procedures.

The time extension for SRC 3 is the same for the Digital Card, and no additional application is required.