20 June 2022

UBAK Permit Distribution Principles Directive Updated

The summary of the updated articles in the new Directive is as follows:

1) UBAK Permit Distribution Applications service will be held between October 1st and October 31st every year.
2) “To engage in international transportation activities during the year of operation” included in the application conditions. The statement “To have been involved in international transportation activities within the last three months of the year of activity and/or the first nine months of the year of application.” was changed to.
3) The number of bilateral transports made in the last three months of the activity year and/or the first nine months of the application year will also be taken as basis in the distribution of valid documents for Italy, Greece and Russia, which have restrictions within the UBAK system.
4) In barter transactions, in order for a maximum of two documents to be exchanged for one document, one of the documents must be valid in one of Austria, Italy, Russia or Greece. has been adjudicated.
5) Data regarding third country shipments will be obtained from the icmal entries notified by the companies through the e-Government portal.
6) In the calculation of the total number of green vehicles, the EURO VI vehicle multiplier has been increased from 1.1 to 1.5.
7) The number of periods in which the arithmetic average is taken in the calculation of the total number of vehicles has been increased from 2 to 4.
8) If a separate transit document has been obtained for the country and route countries with the UBAK Permit; 1 (one) penalty point is applied for transit documents belonging to Austria, Italy, Russia and Greece, and 0.2 (zero point two) penalty point is applied for transit documents of countries other than these countries.
9) 5 penalty points for lost documents have been reduced to 2 penalty points.
10) Explanatory information has been added on how to apply the 10 and 15 penalty points given for inefficient use of the UBAK permit.
11) It has been regulated that if the company holding the authorization certificate has the Green Logistics Certificate, additional points can be awarded to the company and the conditions for this will be determined by the Ministry.
12) When calculating the number of UBAK certified bilateral transit trips to Russia, an arrangement has been made to count maximum 4 trips per month for each Permit for exits made only with semi-trailer or trailers.
13) The 5% award, which was distributed based on the usage rates of the UBAK permits of the valid documents of Italy, Russia and Greece, has been removed.
14) Arrangements have been made to prevent the transports made by pickup trucks and the number of these vehicles from being used in the evaluations of UBAK permit distribution.
15) In order to use the documents efficiently, “Documents allocated but not received from the Ministry until 31 March are deemed to have been returned.” provision has been added.