15 Jan 2020

Beware of Fake Cops!

On the German and French highways, there is a serious increase in denunciations regarding gangs that steal cargo by wearing police clothes. Gang members approaching by vehicles similar to a police car were reported in Lyon, France. In Germany, it is reported that criminals in police disguise have stolen drivers money. It was announced that the people who stopped the drivers on the A4 highway in Cologne and introduced themselves as police took their 2000 € cash money. Gang members have a fake police badge and a black car with a license plate starting with the letters AB.

In almost all reported cases, gang members wear black masks. Criminals approaching drivers in the parking lots and they ask them to get out of their car or follow them. It was also announced that the tents of the vehicles were torn, the seals were broken and pepper gas was used in theft.

Despite security measures in France and Germany, criminals still continue their activities. Things you should pay attention to; real policemen do not wear masks and they do not process drivers without showing their documents. Drivers who face otherwise attitude should call the police immediately. In addition, drivers are warned to request the name and surname of officer and the unit information they are in charge of.

Contact details for similar cases in Germany +49 221/2290