14 Aug 2018

Warning about the integration of ETOBS and TIR Transit Tracking Program

In the Ministry of Commerce General Directorate Customs’ announcement, which reported the necessity of Vehicle Confirmation Documents in the logistical operations conducted as part of TIR Report Card, it has been stated that the transfer of Vehicle Confirmation Document and of information related to this document to the electronic platform have been initiated and Electronic Vehicle Confirmation Report Systems (ETOBS) has been activated since April 27th, 2016 by all customs offices that are authorized to process Vehicle Confirmation Document. In order to accelerate the speed of customs’ operations, ETOBS and TIR Transit Tracking Programme have been integrated as of August 14th, 2018. In case of the absence of Vehicle Confirmation Document in outgoing vehicles with Turkey-origin or expiration of the document, the programme will not allow Volet-1 registration of the vehicle.