04 Jan 2019

Logistics Statistics Report is now available

Logistics Statistics Report of November 2018 has been published. Here are some of the highlights: Export increased by 9,5% on November 2018, compared to the same period of previous year, and reached the highest score of all times with 15,5 billion dollars. Based on UND statistics, the number of transporting Turkish vehicles increased by %11 and reached 119.108. In export logistics (excluding logistics to Iraq), the number of transporting foreign vehicles expanded by 7% whereas the number of Turkish vehicles decreased by %2. Overall 5% decline is monitored in logistical operations from Turkey to Middle East. While the market share in Syria decreased, share in Iraq increased by %1 compared to previous year. In Europe, Romania, Greece and Bulgaria are the countries where export had a rising trend whereas a declining trend was monitored in operations to Georgia and Iran.