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Chemical Tank Container Cleaning Istanbul Turkey

As TGL Tet Global Logistics, we are responsible for the hygienic production of mineral oils and additives, chemicals used in the paint industry, fatty acids, oil esters, raw materials and chemicals used in the cleaning industry, construction chemicals, binders and resins, latexes, monomers and acrylates, which are the raw materials of the products we use in our daily life. We provide chemical tanker washing services in cooperation with Dilmak Tanker in order to ensure that they are transported in an environment. With the Dilmak Chemical Tanker Washing and Treatment Facility, we carry out our operations in accordance with the SQAS* sustainable safety and quality standards determined by the European Chemical Industry Council.

Dilmak Chemical Tanker Washing and Treatment Facility, which was established in 2004, provides the hygienic environment required for the transportation of chemical substances by sterilizing the tankers and containers carrying chemical substances. The facility, which has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, European Cleaning Certificate and Turkey Cleaning Certificate, serves in European standards.

In the facility, which has a simultaneous 6 car wash and a purification capacity of 20,000 tons per day, the internal and external cleaning of tankers and containers carrying chemicals is carried out by experts in their fields.

We use the “Vapor Impingement Technology” developed by Butterworth for sterilizing the inner compartment of tankers and containers carrying chemicals. Thanks to this technology, we perform the washing and purification operations of tankers with maximum efficiency, using less water, energy and cleaning chemicals. We do the washing process according to the type of vehicle and the product carried and at the desired temperature. We provide service with minimum energy and maximum efficiency with our expert employees and automation systems we use in chemical tanker washing operations.



In order to prevent the chemical wastes that may occur during the washing and purification of chemical tankers from posing an environmental risk, T.C. We provide environmentally friendly service in accordance with the norms determined by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Thus, we contribute to environmental sustainability and the protection of natural resources for a healthy future.

SQAS is a program that determines the performance, quality, safety, health, safety, environmental and corporate social responsibility standards of companies that provide intermodal transportation services. With SQAS, the European Chemical Industry Council regularly audits logistics companies and aims to maintain the service quality of the industry. In this respect, SQAS is accepted as an important evaluation criterion in the chemical logistics industry.

These products are not washed in our facility: Class 6 Materials, ACN (Acrylonitrile), TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate)